feasibility & preparation

Understanding the full requirements and feasibility of a project is not always a straight forward task. Our team are trained to observe, question and determine your operational functions prior to commencement of design services. Our in house team will measure prepare CAD documentation of any existing building structures necessary to complete the project.

concept design

Our concept designs are prepared in a series of colourful drawings, images and material samples. We understand that reading architectural plans is not everyones strong point and can provide 3D images, montages and animations where necessary to ensure you’re involved throughout the design process.

approvals & certification

During the design process, it is important to have a firm grasp on the statutory requirements for approvals and certification. Lead Architects will prepare an analysis of the project to determine what the most suitable method for approval is for your project whether this be lodgement through a Development Application or under State Legislation.

detailed documentation

The key to a smooth construction process is ensuring that the detailed documentation is completed accurately and thoroughly. Our architects and design team follow a project from start to finish to assure that the design intent is transferred from concept design right through to detailed documentation and engineering drawings.

tender assistance

Lead Architects have the capacity to prepare tender schedules, co-ordinate the potential tenderers and manage the entire tender process from within our office. Upon completion, a full breakdown and recommendation of the process is provided to assist you in making an informed decision on contractor(s) most suitable for your project.

construction services

We have pride in what we design and we stay involved throughout the construction period. Whether it be in a support only or in a full contract administration role as the superintendent, our design team are competent, confident and can contribute to a hassle free construction period.